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Our 2023 OUAs Team

The University of Waterloo has a Varsity fencing team, which competes at the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championships typically held in February. Note that the OUAs is the only tournament restricted to varsity athletes, all other fencing tournaments do not require varsity status. For the OUAs, each University can send a maximum of 4 athletes per weapon and gender. To compete at the OUAs an athlete must be a full time student (co-op term is still considered full time student).
At the University of Waterloo, varsity athletes are required to complete several online training modules mandated by the University and OUA. Additionally, first time team members are also required to pay a rookie fee and get a physical performed by a physician. Varsity team members are expected to join the fencing club and attend club practices as the varsity team does not hold independent practices.

We do not hold formal tryouts for the varsity team; rather, everyone who wants to be considered varsity is added to the roster. Two weeks before OUAs the coaching staff makes the top 4 selection from the roster of eligible athletes to represent the University at OUAs. Selection is based primarily on performance at open tournaments, followed by attendance at practice.

This past season the Waterloo Warriors Men's fencing team finished 2nd overall, winning gold in individual foil and sabre, bronze in individual sabre, silver in foil and sabre team relay. Additionally, Coach Paul won coach of the year. On the Women's side, the Warriors won bronze in team foil relay and had a top 8 finish in individual women's epee.
If you think you have what it takes to be a Waterloo Warrior, let us know if you're interested in joining the Varsity Fencing Team!

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